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There you can follow our litters x-ray, eyes, mental tests and competition results!

Congrats to Cezar-Commander!
Eyes cleared December 2011 and we are off course very happy!


May all your wishes come true and that you all have a healthy and successful 2012!!


Don´t miss out the new pictures that we add to our litter´s own galleries!

I put out new pics as I get them from our wonderful puppy buyers.

All credit to them and thank you all for taking the best care of our babies!

All our love.


Our beloved Nora has crossed the Rainbow bridge

It is with a heavy heart and the greatest grief, we had to let our Nora fall asleep November 10:th.

11 years and 9 months she surely did brighten our lives every day and we are so sad and miss her so much. I loved you from the first time I saw you, will always love you, miss you and never forget you.

Rest in peace my love. Mom and Dad loves you so much.


Our D-litter has left the building:)

All 11 puppies have now their own homes and we have been blessed with such nice persons that will do their best training and competing with this dream litter! We wish them all the best in the future and will as with all our litters keep close contact throughout the dogs life.

Pictures of all our litters updates on a regular basis in their own galleries, so check them out and have a great time!


Playtime in our woods

With help from my hubby and family, my dogs get exercise outside in the forrest everyday, with playtime:)

Welcome to Showbusiness Rottweiler Kennel´s Home page!

We are a small scaled kennel with no more then 2 litters a year, at the most. Our goal is breeding Rottweilers with the best mental and physical health, preserving and develope their working abilities as a first priority.

My name is Leila Huseinagic and I live here in a small town about one hour north of our capital Stockholm, called Norrtälje. Here I live with my fiance Jonny and our four Rottweilers, Jonte 12, Amanda 5, and Bianca 2 years old.

I am half Bosnian, half Finnish:) but born and raised here in Sweden. The oldest of 6 siblings, everyone more or less envolved in dog activities, wich is very fun off course! I spend most of my time with Jonny and the dogs, dog related tasks, but love to travel, meet friends and family and love horseback riding. Unfourtenatly a accident when horseback riding sabotaged my spine. I have been through 6 surgeries now and it is a challenge to cope with loss of feeling in my legs and the pain that comes with it. But the dogs and my family helps me do the best out of my life and I do not complain. Ihave fantastic dogs that helps me in my everyday life, as my hubby Jonny with help from the rest of my family.

We live in a very big house with a huge backyard and a big forrest right behind our house.So we have a very "dog friendly" environment with good possibilities to train tracking etc in this nice forrest. It is only about 10 minutes to the nearest lake where both we and our dogs enjoy a nice swim during the summer time and only a 20 minutes drive to the wonderful east coast and the sea. If you visit Sweden, you must come and see our wonderful Swedish Archipelago.

I have had Rotties for far over a decade and Before started breeding I have been "trained" by older more experience breeders and try to get as much knowledge about the breed, breeding, dog psycology and training to meantion just a few things,on a daily basis.I have been engaged in the Swedish Rottweiler clubs local areas for several years, mostly working with one of my absolute favourite areas, the mentality of our breed! Arranging our mental tests.We have here in Sweden in my oppinion, one of the worlds greatest tools in our Swedish mental test for dogs from 12 months of age and our Swedish Körung, to evaluate our dogs mentality, also with an exteriour part where a certified judge check so the exteriour is up to the breed standard. Similar to the German Ztp and Körung. Many countries could learn a lot from us here and many from our neighbour countires come here to do the tests on their dogs. I am also engaged in our local "working dog training club", forgive me for not finding the correct English word for can compare it to the Germans LG and BG organisations. Were we train, and try to help out with different volontary work to get as many as possible to do something usefull with their working breed.

Our kennel is a small scaled breeding and it is very important for us to evaluate every litter carefully before having a new one. I use mainly German bloodlines mostly because I am a big fan of the work and results that the German breeders have produced during all these years. Also the fact that most of their breeding males and females active compete in IPO, Schutzhund and BHP. Not just for a year or so, but also as the dog get older wich in my oppinion means the dog is healthy both in body and mind! They have very good breeding material and so have we here in Sweden. So it is not that I don´t like our Swedish bloodlines, absolutely not! I am very proud of what some of our breeders have produced and how many breeders that work with their dogs! I am just fortunate to have very good German bloodlines in my dog´s pedigrees and for me, planning a litter is a very hard work doing a puzzle many generations back and find a combination that, just like a puzzle, fits with every piece. I am a bit of a "pedigree freak" and works like a detective with data bases from around the world to get as much info as possible. Comparing what kind of dogs different combinations gives.

I do my best to do my "home work" before every breeding and I am a fairly new breeder, so a base of good health and working abilities, is what I try to preserve and develope in my dogs.

Why the kennel name Showbusiness?

It may sound as the most important thing and goal for me is to breed great show dogs...but it is not like that at all. It started as a little joke amongst my family and friends, when I should choose the name. I have always put working abilities before show quality, and that my friends know:) The mentality comes first for me, not running around showing our dogs.. So it started with a laugh.. But I am proud of the name and hope it will be connected with a complete rottweiler in the future, a dog made for both working competition and showrings!

I am slowly translating this web page into English and my goal is to have an English version in the late summer of 2011 and also a German version in the beginning of 2012. For now I have this  intro page, my guestbook, links and pedigrees in English. You can off course also surf around my photo galleries. I have made one with mixed photos as you can see and one album for each litter.

I hope you will have a nice visit here and that you like my dogs and litters. If you want to contact me all my phone numbers and e-mail adress is found under the "contact page". Please contact me if you have any questions to me or if you want to have your link added!

Thank you for taking time to visit my Home page!

Yours sincerely,

Leila Huseinagic - Showbusiness Rottweiler Kennel in Sweden